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Feline Beuming is ondernemer, trainer en spreker. Zij is een groots Medical Medium fan, super creatief en ervaringsdeskundige als het gaat om zelfheling na trauma’s & chronische ziekte. Met haar Colorful Soul Academy biedt ze opleidingen, trainingen en sessies aan in zelfheling, omgang met hoogsensitiviteit en bezield ondernemen. Ze werkt als Soulful Businesscoach met daadkrachtige bedrijfseigenaren en helpt hen een bedrijfsfundament te bouwen waarbij gezondheid op nummer één staat. Vanuit liefde een authentiek, krachtig en pakkend merk neerzetten waarmee je liefdevol geld leert ontvangen met de kracht van je eigen #soulstory.

Feline kan een lezing verzorgen over de onderwerpen:

  • Sensitief Leiderschap
  • Soulful ondernemerschap
  • Hoogsensitiviteit; hoe omarm je jouw gaves?
  • Health first; hoe heel je jezelf van chronische ziekte en/of trauma?
  • Spiritualiteit


Feline Beuming is a speaker, trainer and Soulful Businesscoach based in The Netherlands. She loves to draw, paint, cook, read and sing and many other things that she simply does not have enough time for. She is an Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) herself, and focusses on working with creative service-based business owners from all over the world in helping them build a Holistic Healthy Foundation, so they can put health on #1 and from there create financial freedom for themselves. 

Feline has developed a big desire to help heal hearts&souls ever since she was a young girl. At the age of 17 she travelled to Venezuela where she worked voluntarily in a Universitairy Hospital. She studied International Business&Languages where she specialized in Cross Cultural Psychology&Management, and after that she studied Pedagogy (Child-psychology) and specialized in being a Sociotherapist in Psychiatry. After having had beautiful jobs in a big hospital in Amsterdam she decided to quit her job and start her own business. Quitting her job did not go entirely easy; as a survivor of violence, rape and caring for severe health issues of familymembers as a kid, she has had a few wake-upcalls already. Though at the age of 26 she believed that she was doing everything that society, family and her boss expected. Was she really happy? The answer to that question became clear when one day she fell on the floor at work, and couldn’t get up. A chronical disease arrived, that her auto-immune system could not protect her from. This was on of the biggest eyeopeners in daring to chose for myself, chose my dreams, as I had learned the hard way that apart from survival, a good job and security did not mean much when your health is not something you can count on.

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